by Metropix Inc.

By day bamboo bead curtains are transparent, by night they conceal what's behind them...

bamboo room divider by day and by night

Bamboo curtains are handmade from the quintessential island reed. We highlight bamboo's elegant use as tropical decor, blending useful and beautiful qualities to bring you ornamental products that speak of your appreciation of nature and its abundance. WE HAVE MORE CURTAINS OF BETTER QUALITY AT LOWER PRICES, and we don't show fake "Regular Price" and phoney "On Sale Price" to con you into believing you're getting a great deal when all you do is pay regular price. We have a reputation to uphold. The truth is, quality comes at a price, so we stick with those suppliers whose products don't turn into customer returns. That said, read our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee .

They're back and they're hot, but these Quality (100-125-135 strands) Bamboo Bead Curtains are keeping you cool! Painted bamboo curtains are back from the past and hotter than ever here in Hawaii and tiki-inspired rooms around the world. Replace your boring old screen door with a bamboo curtain, or give it as a unique Hawaiian gift. We feature higher strand count on our Premium Quality bamboo beaded door curtains plus 360 degrees roundabout painting for a cleaner image. Prices as low as $54.95 for Standard Quality bamboo curtains. Click images at right to view all bamboo curtains. All come fully assembled and ready to hang.

Contrary to other vendors who order bamboo curtains by the shipload, we order small batches. Rather than bringing out the whole village, from young to old, to paint bamboo with various result, our approach ensures that only skilled artisans work on your curtain.

Our curtains are made by hand from small shafts (or beads) of bamboo that are selected to be wider toward the top of the curtain and narrower toward the bottom. This allows the bamboo strands to move aside easily when you pass through.

To hang a beaded bamboo curtain all you have to do is line up the hanging rod's eyelets with the desired height on a wall or door and fasten with nails or screws. This takes just minutes, unless you're male and own a pimped-out toolbox.

Attached to a wooden rod, the bamboo beads produce a pleasant rustling sound when set in motion by wind or a person passing through. Because of their constant move, our bamboo reed curtains also discourage flying insects from entering. Better than opening a screen door!


Made from natural and renewable resources

bamboo picture curtain with flower painted bamboo curtain with pineapple palmtree on bamboo beads bamboo and seagrass curtain bamboo decor room divider
bamboo beads with hula dancer bamboo curtain with hula girl hula swayer curtain palm tree curtain bamboo motif curtain
bamboo curtain with rose bamboo curtain with anthurium room divider with plumeria flowers bamboo curtain with bird of paradise bamboo curtain with Woody near beach
bamboo curtain with Bob Marley bamboo curtain with Bob Marley bamboo curtain with Bob Marley bamboo door beads with hemp leaf orcas and dolphins bamboo hanging
bamboo door beads with marilyn monroe bamboo door beads with white tiger bamboo curtain with natural bamboo popart bamboo curtain bamboo curtain with palm trees
bamboo curtain with reef fish turtles turtles bamboo curtain with palm tree bamboo and seagrass curtain
bamboo curtain with flamingos